A Week of Learning at Little Dickens Farm

This has been an energizing and heartfilled bonding first week with LuLu and Bella. It’s amazing how easy it is to get up an hour earlier and go out in negative temps when you have two sweet horses waiting to say “Good morning!” Although we’re still hovering close to zero, today was clear and sunny, so we were able to spend some extra time with the girls, giving treats, extra scratches and freshening up the barn.

This week was a week of learning. You’ll see in this video how we’re learning to be comfortable with each other, the girls are learning about the cameras, and we’re getting comfortable with each other for daily routines. Mya has been under the weather, but she just had to go out and see her horses after a couple of days away. She gets a little miffed when the girls follow Mom instead of hanging out with her, but she gets some kisses and gets her own bonding time with them, so her sunshine comes back pretty quick.

What a blessing to have the opportunity to learn together with these two sweet mares. We couldn’t be happier learning and loving everyday together!