Another great day at Kyhlwood Training Facility

Mya had another great day at her group lesson at Kyhlwood Training. She was able to ride her friend Abigail’s POA, Rosie, and loved it! We love Kyhlwood’s approach to learning how to ride and appreciate the opportunity for Mya to learn more about different approaches to having a relationship with a horse. The confidence and skills development she’s learning is invaluable.

We feel very strongly that having broad, well rounded exposure to different approaches to the relationship between a horse and human is vital. There is no one right way, and the more we can learn by creating relationships with those more experienced than us will help us mold the path for our own relationships with horses.

One of our favorite things about Kyhlwood Training is that Jenna goes above and beyond to match a rider to the right horse. Rosie is currently for sale, and if you are interested in potentially making her the newest member of your family, visit the Kyhlwood Sales page to learn more!