Another Sunny Sunday Funday with Miniature Horses

We’ve been blessed here this winter with unseasonably pleasant weather (hope we didn’t just jinx it!). Today we enjoyed the sun by letting the mamas and the littles spend some alternate time in the back pasture. Everybody got some good exercise and the littles got fence time with their mamas for the first time in over a month since we separated for weaning. It was very sweet, with LuLu and Bella doing the mama knicker we haven’t heard since the fillies were born.
They seemed very happy to know their girls were doing well!

Mojo also took the opportunity to remind everyone he’s the stallion (even though he’s technically still a “little”)…cute and impressive at the same time, doing all the standard stallion prancing and squealing!

We also did more lead training with all the littles and they continue to improve. Believe it or not, the most stubborn is little Karma…if she doesn’t want to move it’s harder than you think to get her going! They’re all getting more comfortable and we really love spending this training time with them.

Hope all of you had a fun weekend too! – The Kiefers