Finally! Introducing Miniature Horse Little Dickens Good Karma

What a whirlwind 24 hours! Yesterday morning MoJo the stallion arrived, and this morning at 5:00 am…Little Dickens Good Karma Appaloosa Filly was born!

Mya got up bright & early with me and at about 5:15 we went out the door to feed the girls & see if it was a good time to open the gate to let MoJo be with the girls. As we walked out the door, I said “Maybe there’s a baby and all I needed was for you to go with me to get her out…hahaha.” WELL, what a surprise! We walked into the barn & Bella & JuJu were laying down together at the front of the barn & we could see LuLu standing in her stall, like she usually is. We commented how cute it was that Bella was laying with her baby, and then I walked over to LuLu’s stall and…”Mya! There’s a tiny baby! Mya! Go tell Dad!!!”

She thought I was pulling her leg and ran over to the stall. There was teenie tiny Karma, standing up beside her mama! She was still wet and couldn’t have been more than 20-30 minutes old! She’s a beautiful copper/buckskin color with 4 white socks, dark line down her back and dark brown and white tail. LuLu is a much more relaxed mama than Bella was, but is still protective and attentive.

Mama has allowed us to get close and touch and pet Karma and she’s very curious about us and her sister JuJu. She’s also figured out nursing and after about an hour or two of alone time with mom, LuLu took her out into the paddock to hang out with Bella & JuJu.

We just couldn’t be more excited! Two healthy fillies with great mamas. MoJo will have to wait a bit to get in with his girls, but our herd is taking shape nicely. Welcome to the world, Miss Karma!