First Vet Visit from Sampson Equine Service

Today was another first here on Little Dickens Farm, our first vet visit. Kelly Sampson from Sampson Equine Service visited the farm for Bella & LuLu’s first overall check up and vaccinations. Everything went wonderfully! Kelly confirmed that the girls are healthy and looking good. She shared several tips on keeping them that way and ensuring they have healthy foals. It’s been very rainy here, but fortunately above normal temps, so the girls’ coats were drenched and they’ve been enjoying rolling around in the grass. Bella was loving being brushed, and while brushing her belly I felt several kicks from her foal! I’m confident there’s a strong little one in her belly and we just can’t wait to meet her/him! The rain’s stopped for now, so there’s cleaning & freshening to do in their barn tonight before the temps drop and we get a wintry mix tomorrow. Spring can’t get here fast enough!