Halter-All Demonstration with Mya & JuJu

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My name is Mya, I’m 9 years old, and I’ve been working on halter & lead training with my 4 month old filly, JuJu. I’ve been working and playing with JuJu since she was born and we’ve used lots of different ways to get her used to being touched everywhere, follow direction through touch and sounds, and now get used to a halter and leading.

When we first started I just wanted her to get used to the feeling of a halter, so we used a traditional halter and just took it on and off. We added some super strong velcro to make it really fast & easy to get on and off, that way we didn’t have to mess around with the buckle and JuJu didn’t even notice when we got it on her because it was so fast.

Once she got used to wearing the halter I started teaching her to lead. My mom found a really great and easy lead online called the Halter-All. This lead is all in one and really easy to get on & off as you’ll see in my video. The other great thing about this lead is that it’s adjustable for all our horses, so we can very easily & quickly adjust it to fit all of them, from our big 37″ Bella all the way down to our tiny 3 week old filly Karma. I’m excited to try it on her very soon!

This is a really easy tool for training or a quick walk, the company responds quickly & they are based in Colorado…I highly recommend checking these halters out! http://www.halterall.com