It’s a girl! Welcome Little Dickens Good Sunshine

What an amazing day! This morning around 9:00 am, Karma gave birth to her first foal, Little Dickens Good Sunshine, a perfect little filly! We walked into the barn about 8:30 to freshen bedding and Karma was down having contractions, a few minutes later her water broke. She labored and delivered like a pro!

We had our foal kit ready in case we had to intervene, but it was the perfect birth. Baby was standing within 10 minutes and taking her first steps shortly after. She’s figuring out the nursing thing and Karma was instantly an amazing mom, encouraging baby to stand and guiding her to nurse, then standing like a statue while Sunny worked to get access on her wobbly little legs.

Sunny is Mojo’s first foal, and he’s already an attentive daddy, positioning himself at the fence line to observe. Sunny made it over to the fence a few times so daddy could sniff her before protective Aunt JuJu shooed him away. Sunny will be registered AMHR and FBR.

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