JuJu – First Day, Touching First Soul

Sean , Bella & New Foal JuJu

March 30th 2018 was JuJu’s first full day of life outside the womb and she and mom, Bella, explored her new surroundings. Bella is a great mom, and part of that is staying close and being protective of little JuJu as she meets her other family members, including her humans.

As part of our deep respect for the mother child relationship, we’ve been careful to let Bella direct how and where she does things, from labor and delivery to postpartum bonding. However, we also want to remind her we are her family and she is safe in letting JuJu get to know us. In order to encourage this introduction, we spent several hours just sitting on the ground in the paddock to get her comfortable.

Sean was the most dedicated in this endeavor and it paid off! As you can see in the photo above, Bella allowed JuJu a few minutes of sniffing and nibbling on her human big brother. It was a beautiful first contact! Serendipitously, Sean is also the one who named JuJu, which means energy; the experience of positive and negative forces all around us that charge our lives and shape each unique day on this planet.