Little Dickens Farm Labor Day Weekend Visitor – Little Evelyn

We’ve had a busy summer, but were happy to have our little friend Evelyn visit with her mom and Grandpa! The girls have grown up so much since her last visit…Karma was a teenie little new foal! Evelyn continues to learn how to properly give treats, avoid rear ends and get horse kisses. Her mother is an experienced horse woman and these visits with little horses are very beneficial for little Evelyn. Of course Mr. Mojo was again a gentleman and enjoyed running the fence line with his new little friend.

After visiting the horses, the beagles got their turn. There’s nothing more wonderful than running and playing fetch with little humans! Evelyn was successfully worn out by the end of the visit and we’re confident she had a good afternoon nap. Thank you for visiting, Evelyn, we’ll be training JuJu this fall and winter for next summer lead line riding!