Little Dickens Farm Miniature Horses in Snowy Wonderland

Well, it’s drastically different this weekend here on the farm from our sunny 60 degrees just a week ago! We had what was predicted to be a pretty hefty storm barreling toward us on Friday. Fortunately, when we woke up on Saturday it proved to be only about 3-4 inches, but the temperature has dropped dramatically! Today only reached 6 degrees, which means we double up on all the horsey comforts like plenty of hay, fluffy bedding and heated water tubs. And yes, we even plow tracks in the pastures!

The kids (horses and humans) had a great time playing a new game – Defend the Fort. Mya, Sean and Eric would pick a corner of the paddock to “defend”, and inevitably the brave young horses would force them from their territory and all would race across the open field to the next corner of refuge. What fun to watch them all play together, just a bunch of youngins playing in a snowy wonderland!