Little Dickens Farm Welcomes Little Visitor Max

Max visit’s Little Dickens Farm

Even though the thermometer is pushing 100, today was a gorgeous day to welcome our first “little” visitor! Sara & Max came by to meet the girls for the first time. This was also JuJu’s first visitor from outside her “herd”. Max had a blast and was a great little cowboy, petting and talking to the girls. Max is not yet two, but he said “horsey” and loved to touch their noses. He was also very interested in Ivan the cat, whom he called “Mow”.

We had a wonderful visit and look forward to more. The girls were just perfect, so gentle and curious of such a tiny human. Thanks for visiting Sara & Max!

We moved the girls into the big barn with fans where it’s about 15 degrees cooler. We’re on foal watch with LuLu…all signs point to a foal on the ground very soon!