Little Dickens Farm welcoming our first horses! Bella & LuLu

Yesterday was an amazing day with Little Dickens Farm welcoming our first horses! Bella & LuLu, two beautiful miniature mares, made an hour long trip from Ionia, Iowa, to our farm just north of Cedar Falls. As soon as we released them into their new enclosure they were right at home, digging under the light snow and grazing comfortably. They are extremely gentle and calm mares, readily following along as we walk and coming to us when we call. We are so glad we adopted them together, they clearly are close friends, scratching each other’s backs and grazing closely together.

Bella is a gorgeous 19 year old appaloosa foaled at Toyland Miniature Horse Farm with strong Falabella heritage. Lulu is a 14 year old dark bay beauty foaled at Timberview Miniature Appaloosa Farm right here in Iowa.

As they settle in and we get to know them more, we get even more excited to meet their foals! With such beautiful and attentive mothers, we can just imagine how sweet their little ones will be. We expect Bella’s foal to arrive sometime late March or April, while LuLu’s baby should come sometime in mid to late summer.

We continue to learn every day, and now that they’re here, we learn even more about their needs and personalities. We’re excited to continue to share our farm experiences, so stay tuned!