Miniature Horse Frosty Sunday Morning Video

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We’ve been overcast and frigid for the last few days, so when we woke up this morning to a sunny crystallized farm, we took the opportunity to enjoy it with the horses.

We just love how fluffy the girls get, especially LuLu who has the most gorgeous winter coat. JuJu and Mojo had another “date” and they continue to bond and learn how to grow their relationship.

Zeus had some one on one attention using the Halter-All to do some basic lead work. He also has a gorgeous winter fuzz that really highlights his pintaloosa coloring.

Since it’s the holiday season, we also had a little fun with reindeer antlers, which all four girls were patient enough to humor us with. We’re pretty sure they think we’re crazy!

We’re looking forward to family visits and holiday cheer, so From Little Dickens Farm…we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!