Miniature Horse JuJu’s first hoof pick

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On July 7th 2018 my mom and I went to go lead train with JuJu. We nailed the lead training! After that we tried to put fly spray on the girls, Bella and Lulu did not like the smell of it so they ran away. JuJu didn’t care. When we were done we laid on the ground, and guess what JuJu did. SHE LAID DOWN WITH US! My mom and I were so happy. Then I thought Mom should get the hoof pick, so I could pick out her hooves and I told her that. When Mom was gone JuJu flipped sideways and laid all the way down. When Mom came back I took the hoof pick and started picking. I did them one by one, and got them all shiny and clean. JuJu loved it! Mom and I also took some pictures with Bella, Lulu, and JuJu. I love my horses so much, I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have them finally!

Fun fact: Did you know horses will reject sour or bitter things? Now you know!