Miniature Horse’s advance in training

Mya has been spending hours a day with all the girls working on a variety of training, including leading, standing tied, hoof maintenance and a variety of desensitization. JuJu’s training has advanced beautifully, she’s very smart and loving, driven by her desire to be close to us.

A big part of why it’s so easy for Mya to train with JuJu and Karma is because of the “trust time” we spend with the girls. Several times a week we just go sit with them quietly, no agenda, we just chill out. We’re now at a level with JuJu & Karma where if we sit down or lay down, more often than not, they lay down with us. It’s an incredibly precious experience.

Mya is very excited about her latest desensitization training, preparation for riding. JuJu is a very large framed “mini”, in fact, at just over 6 months old she measures 37”, so we’re not quite sure how big she will get! Her mama, Bella, is officially 37.5”, and JuJu definitely has her frame. Mya reads and watches horse trainers all over the world, and she knows that young horses should not be ridden until they are several years old. However, she’s also learned that the earlier foals experience short but regular exposure to things you want them to be comfortable with later in life, the more likely you will have a successful and pleasant experience once they are old enough to do the work you want them to do.

So, Mya decided JuJu was ready to feel her weight on her back. She has been leaning over her back gently, putting lightweight objects on her back for a while now. She and JuJu have such a comfortable and trusting way with each other, that when Mya mounted her the first time, JuJu had no reaction! Mya quickly hopped off and praised her.

We were all surprised the second time Mya mounted…JuJu just calmly started to walk! Mya only had the lead line, but actually had JuJu respond to a little pressure for a turn. Again, after only 10-15 seconds, Mya slid off & praised her up & down! It was a really magical thing to see, Mya has been energized by this growth in her own ability to connect and train with JuJu as well as how her relationship has grown with JuJu. She’s got her very own equine best friend!