Miniature Horse’s Bella and LuLu Tour New Barn

Today was an exciting day at Little Dickens Farm…the opening of the new barn! After many months of planning and weeks of building, we were finally able to let the girls explore their new home. They got a little snack and lots of love, and at one point started grooming each other, so we’re confident they’re happy with their new digs. The “little barn” will continue to be used in good weather for a cozy cabin, and the “big barn” will be a safe haven in bad weather, as well as a place for us to hang out with the girls for grooming, vet visits, or just relaxing. In addition, our new doeling Nigerian Dwarf goats will also stay in their own special pen.

We are now counting down days to Bella’s delivery of Little Dickens first foal, so stay tuned, our next post could be a baby announcement!

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