Miniature Horse’s Bella and LuLu’s introduce New Foals

Little Dickens Farm Visits Rouse’s Farm Luzerne Iowa

Today was a wonderful day! Bella and LuLu delivered healthy gorgeous fillies on Friday and Saturday! We were able to get down and visit them in their new home and meet the new babies.

Bella and LuLu moved to Rouse’s Farm outside of Luzerne, Iowa in May. Our farm is quite small, and because we are retaining Karma and JuJu, their 2018 fillies, it seemed like serendipity when Rouse’s Farm contacted us to see if the big girls were available last winter. They are only about an hour from us so we are able to visit, and Ashley from Rouse’s sends us pictures and updates often.

These fillies are GORGEOUS! LuLu’s filly was born Friday, and named Rouse’s Lucy Lu. Bella’s filly was born Saturday and named Rouse’s Luna. We couldn’t be more in love! Long legs, beautiful color, and mamas are healthy and caring for their babies wonderfully! When we arrived they definitely recognized us, and came up for the carrots they know we always have.

Thank you, Rouse’s Farm, for loving our girls as much as we do, we’ll be back soon for more loving on those precious horses!