Labor Day Weekend Visitors – Little Evelyn

Little Evelyn @ Little Dickens Farm

We’ve had a busy summer, but were happy to have our little friend Evelyn visit with her mom and Grandpa! The girls have grown up so much since her last visit…Karma was a teenie little new foal! Evelyn ...
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Little Dickens 4th of July – Quinn and Rose

Mya & Quinn

What a treat on this hot 4th of July to have cousins Quinn and Rose out to visit the farm! These two little ones had so much fun meeting JuJu, Karma and Mojo. All the horses loved the attention and the ...
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Spring Cleaning – Little Dickens Spring Farrier Visit

Spring is always such a welcome time of year, we get to clean up
everything, including the horses! Today our farrier, Eric, came and cleaned up horses hooves for a summer of running through green pastures. We also did a lot of ...
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Quinn visits Little Dickens Farm

Quinn Visits Little Dickens Farm October 21st 2018
Quinn visits Little Dickens Farm October 21st 2018

We’ve been overdue for some visitors here at Little Dickens Farm, so today was a very welcome visit with Nick, Kelsey & Quinn. Little Quinn is just under two years old and is just a little ...
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JuJu advances in Her training

Mya resting with Karma after JuJu training

Mya has been spending hours a day with all the girls working on a variety of training, including leading, standing tied, hoof maintenance and a variety of desensitization. JuJu’s training has advanced beautifully, she’s very smart and ...
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Little Dickens Gets Another Little Visitor

Everest , Mom & JuJu

Our very favorite thing here at Little Dickens Farm is welcoming little visitors, especially when it’s their first experience with horses! The size of our girls is much less intimidating for little ones, and our girls are so ...
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Little Evelyn Visits Little Dickens Farm

Little Evelyn & JuJu

Today we got another little visitor to Little Dickens Farm, Evelyn and her mom Tayler and grandma Teresa. Evelyn’s family has big horses, but she’d never been around minis and she had a great time! Little Karma was just ...
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Our friend Angie visits Little Dickens Farm

Our Friend Angie visits Little Dickens Farm
Photo above – Our Friend Angie visits Little Dickens Farm

We had an awesome surprise this weekend when our friend Angie was able to come visit Little Dickens Farm and meet the girls, their foals and the stallion for the first time! Angie and ...
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Little Dickens Farm Welcomes Little Visitor

Max @ Little Dickens Farm
Max meeting JuJu

Even though the thermometer is pushing 100, today was a gorgeous day to welcome our first “little” visitor! Sara & Max came by to meet the girls for the first time. This was also JuJu’s first visitor from outside her “herd” ...
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