Little Dickens Farm April 17th 2018
 Every member of our family gravitates toward and finds comfort and joy with animals. We've always lived in the country and have always talked about ways we could incorporate caring for animals more into our daily lives. Specifically, Mya's love of horses has helped urge us along, and now, the stars have aligned & we're only weeks away from bringing our first minis home! We decided to focus on miniature animals because we are not a big farm, and want to give our animals the best environment we can. We want to learn to live with them and meet them in their space, not force them into ours. We've spent years designing this little farm in our heads, on paper, in our dreams, and now finally, after several weeks of fence building & barn prep, we're finally here!

Our Name:

Before talking about the animals who will soon be joining our farm, a little bit about our name. Our mom (grammie) owned a bookstore in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan for 15+ years named Little Dickens Bookstore. We ran her website until she retired and closed the store. When the website was no longer needed, we just couldn't let go of the domain We've held onto that domain for 10 years, contemplated numerous ways to incorporate it into a family venture, but nothing really materialized...until now.

Our Animals:

Little Dickens Farm will be welcoming two beautiful mares in the next few weeks! We are naming them Bella & LuLu. Both girls are expecting and should foal late spring 2018. We couldn't be more excited!! The girls come from a beautiful herd of mini Appaloosas in northern Iowa and are both experienced mamas.

Not to be left out, we have two VERY spoiled but ridiculously awesome bealges and one very fat happy orange tabby cat.

Here's to The Journey:

We've worked hard to get here and there's a whole lot of hard work ahead. Fortunately we like hard work, we like each other and we really like being around animals. We look forward to sharing our journey and hope to inspire other families to work hard together and build a lasting happiness!

The Kiefer Family

Sean is the eldest of the Kiefer siblings taking on responsibilities for recording and sharing the goings on at the farm. Like everyone else, he also cares for all the animals and shoulders much of the more strenuous work. His writing talents and interest in journalism are a huge asset to Little Dickens and enable us to document our journey at the highest levels.

Eric is the middle man and he plays the part well! He’s a ready helper and a hard worker. On top of that he has an amazing affinity for learning everything there is to know about animals. His everyday enthusiasm and sunny attitude make him an important part of the Little Dickens team.

Mya is the last (but certainly not least) of the Kiefer siblings. Ever since she could talk her only wish for a gift was a horse. Her unwavering passion for horses inspired our first leap into minis and her can-do attitude gets things done.