Mojo & Zeus Miniature Horse’s arrive at Little Dickens Farm

We promised more information, and here it is…Little Dickens Farm is excited to announce two new additions to our herd, pintaloosas Zeus and Mojo! Zeus is a four year old gelding and Mojo is a yearling stallion. The boys are full brothers and were born on a farm in central Iowa. We were so excited to find these boys after searching for the right stallion match for our herd.

It was serendipitous that we found these two boys, bred and raised just a few hours from our farm. Zeus was born in 2014 and bred to be a 4H show horse. He’s had several rounds in the ring and done very well. Mojo was a bit of a surprise for the breeder, but what an awesome unexpected gift he is! Not only is his coloring gorgeous, but his demeanor just could not be sweeter. He’s very well mannered and curious, as well as eager to learn and please. Although we were only looking for a stallion, when we spoke with the family, whose daughter had outgrown showing, we realized we could not separate the boys and we’re so glad we didn’t! Mya is getting some experience with leading and commands with a horse that knows how to respond, which is fantastic! In addition, their first transition away from the farm they were born at has gone extremely smoothly because they have each other.

The boys have been sharing a fence line with the girls to acclimate everyone to each other. JuJu rarely leaves Mojo’s side, even though there’s a fence between them, and since Mojo is still a yearling and so gentle, we decided to give those two some supervised time together this weekend. It was so fun to see! they made introductions, ran around together, ate together, checked out the barn together, just generally hung out & had fun. We think they’re the perfect match!

To make this story even cooler, not only are the boys full brothers, but their sire is Warners Little Apache, grandson of the prolific Toyland Zodiac, and great-grandson Boone’s HFS Macho of the famous Boone’s Miniature Horse Farm. This is an exciting thing for us because Bella and her daughter JuJu are both direct descendants of the same line, Bella also being a granddaughter of Toyland Zodiac.

Not to be outdone, their dam has a long name but a very special heritage as well. Apparently she was not expected, just like little Mojo, because her registered name is Don & Hawkeyes Gosh What A Surprise. Her lineage goes straight back to Boones Little Buckaroo, the most well known miniature stallion in the world! Both boys are AMHR and FBR eligible and will be registered by Little Dickens Farm.

With strong bloodlines, amazing personalities, and the loving starts Mojo, JuJu and Karma have had, we are over the moon about the future generations to come here at Little Dickens Farm!

Mojo – Stallion
Zeus – Gelding