Mya & Eric with JuJu – April 17th 2018

Yesterday was a gorgeous day by our recent standards here in Iowa! It’s been a roller coaster March & April, with above normal temps one day & the next over a foot of snow. Bella chose one of those warmer days at the end of March to deliver JuJu, but our little filly has certainly gotten her exposure to winter! With nearly 50 degree temps, no wind and all sunshine, we were able to do a complete barn clean out, take the big girls for halter runs and do some halter desensitizing with our little girl.

JuJu continues to warm our hearts and bring us joy every day. She has so much curiosity and learns quickly. She’s completely comfortable with all of her humans, letting us touch her all over, lift all four legs and inspect her teeth and mouth. Although we didn’t get any pictures of the encounter, she also met RaShe & ManHe, her beagle brother and sister yesterday. Oh boy did they love that! They were such good dogs and sat down, barely containing their excitement as JuJu came right over and sniffed and licked them. ManHe got a few muzzle licks in too! Next time we take them for a walk we’ll make sure to bring the camera!

Today we are experiencing hail, freezing rain, and then 5″+ of snow…again. Sigh. Hope spring gets here before LuLu delivers her foal…stay tuned!