Mya, Millie & Kyhlwood Training in Parkersburg Iowa

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Mya has a new best friend and her name is Millie! Millie is a lesson horse at Kyhlwood Training Center, and today was Mya’s first lesson. We will be leasing Millie this winter and Mya will have the opportunity to regularly spend time riding and taking lessons with Jenna Kyhl at the new Sitting Horse Stables indoor arena in Waverly, Iowa.

Millie is a registered 6 year old POA with an impressive pedigree including POA, Appaloosa and Thoroughbred bloodlines. In fact, her dam’s lineage goes all the way back to the famous Man O War, widely believed to be the greatest race horse of all time! Millie, however, is more woah than go, which is great for Mya as she learns to further communicate and handle relationships with bigger horses.

Millie is a sweet and patient pony just made to be loved, and we’re so happy to have found her!