Little Dickens Farm Herd Sire Mojo

Little Dickens Apache’s Mojo (AMHR & FBR Pending)

Meet the Little Dickens Farm pintaloosa and Falabella blend stallion! Mojo is a stallion born in the summer of 2017, and what an awesome young stallion he is! Not only is his coloring gorgeous, but his demeanor just could not be sweeter. He’s very well mannered and curious, as well as eager to learn and please. Unlike a typical stallion, Mojo loves being loved on and is easy to be around and handle. Mojo's sire is Warners Little Apache, grandson of the prolific Toyland Zodiac, and great-grandson of Boone’s HFS Macho, of the famous Boone’s Miniature Horse Farm. His dam, Don & Hawkeyes Gosh What A Surprise, traces her lineage back to Boones Little Buckaroo, one of the most well known miniature stallions in the world! He’s as easy going as it gets and we’re looking forward to seeing the babies he produces with JuJu and Karma in a few years!
Mojo is AMHR and FBR eligible and will be registered by Little Dickens Farm.

Little Dickens Farm - MoJo

Stallion - MoJo

Filly JuJu

Our fillies JuJu & Karma were the first horses born here on Little Dickens Farm in 2018. They are the daughters of our mares LuLu & Bella. Both girls are eligible for registration with the AMHR & FMHA and will be registered by Little Dickens Farm at the proper age.

FBR Little Dickens Good JuJu (JuJu)

JuJu is Bella's 2018 filly, born March 29, a birth we were able to capture on video. JuJu is an amazing horse, very curious, eager to learn and extremely trusting of her humans. She is built like a full sized horse, very athletic and long legged, sure to be tall like her mother. She is also developing her appaloosa spotting along her hips and belly. Her most unique feature is four snow whit hooves. We are excited to watch JuJu grow up along side her mother, "little sister" and "aunt". At her first vet visit on July 6, 2018 she weighed 135 lbs and 32".

JuJu will be retained by Little Dickens Farm and will not be offered for sale.

FBR Little Dickens Good Karma

Karma is LuLu's 2018 filly, born Jul 15 early in the morning. She is very petite and the sweetest little girl. She has to run twice as fast as every one else to keep up with the herd on her tiny frame, but she's definitely up for it! She is also a very sweet and loving girl, following the examples set by the rest of her herd.