Our first foal has arrived! – Video

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We were blessed last night to witness Bella’s entire labor and delivery which lasted only about 20 minutes. As we were getting ready to take the girls on an evening walk, we looked out the window & Bella was down clearly contracting. We quietly went into the paddock and were able to stand back and witness the entire event! Everything went perfect and Bella is such a great mama. Baby was up on it’s legs within the first 10 minutes and walking around shortly after. The foal was out by a little after 8pm, and with the low light and efforts not to intervene in the mother bonding time, we are not 100% positive on gender yet.

So far everything went well through the night, with mama getting some well deserved rest and baby nursing very well. This foal has got some legs! Very tall and strong…and loud! This little one likes to talk and there’s just nothing sweeter than hearing Bella “mommy nicker” back to her baby. LuLu quietly observed the entire event as well and calmly sniffed baby right after delivery, but is now giving them their space. The two girls are doing great together and we can just imagine what it will be like to see two little foals frolicking together when LuLu’s baby arrives.

As the sun comes up we will share more info on this exciting event and our newest member of Little Dickens Farm!