Our friend Angie visits Little Dickens Miniature Horse Farm

We had an awesome surprise this weekend when our friend Angie was able to come visit Little Dickens Farm and meet the girls, their foals and the stallion for the first time! Angie and Sean have known each other & been close friends since kindergarten, so any time she visits is fun and special. This year was particularly special since Angie got the chance to interact with our foals JuJu & Karma. Karma REALLY loved on her, practically sitting in her lap and getting as much petting, scratching and kisses as she possibly could. Angie’s family has full size horses on their property, so experiencing our miniature appaloosas was a neat new way for her to bond with horses.

We’re so proud of our little herd, every visitor gets greeted with gentle nuzzles and general peaceful interaction. We feel very blessed to have such calm and loving horses…and we look forward to Angie coming back!