Quinn visits Little Dickens Miniature Horse Farm

We’ve been overdue for some visitors here at Little Dickens Farm, so today was a very welcome visit with Nick, Kelsey & Quinn. Little Quinn is just under two years old and is just a little cutie! All of the horses were very interested in meeting her and her parents.

Once again, Ivan stole the show, showing up halfway into the visit to get is share of attention. It was particularly fun this time because Karma decided she wanted to play with Ivan too!

It’s really special for us to be able to share these girls with families like this. Nick commented on how important they feel it is to give Quinn real hand on experiences instead of relying on TV or books to teach her everything. We couldn’t agree more. There is a special kind of energy and feeling that happens when you are able to be in a calm and trusting place with an animal, and in our experience, particularly so with horses.

We had such a great time having them over, and Mya is looking forward to being a future babysitter for Quinn!