Spring is here at Little Dickens Miniature Horse Farm

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Winter is GONE!

It is definitely official, we are DONE with winter at Little Dickens Farm! The temps have risen over 50 for the last several days, all snow is melted and the grass is greening up. Our little herd of three (soon to be four) could not be happier!

Today we captured some of the time our oldest, Sean, spends with the girls. Our whole family has individual and special relationships with each horse, but the herd really adores Sean, in particular LuLu, who loves to run and do her “fancy trot” alongside him. JuJu & Bella also come in for attention, and although Bella (who is the alpha) may not be the first one in for lovin’, when she does come, her closeness is very tender and her eyes so gentle and wise.

It’s amazing how fast JuJu is growing! We joke that by the time LuLu’s foal arrives (sometime in the next few weeks) JuJu will be full grown. LuLu is becoming more affectionate and seeking out more scratching time, so perhaps those are her maternal instincts preparing for her baby’s arrival.

It’s been almost 4 months since the girls arrived, and I can’t seem to remember what life was like without them…and don’t care to think about how life would be without them. Even through these crazy cold and snow packed months, our family couldn’t wait to get out and clean the barn, fill hay bags and play with the girls. I guess this is how you become a horse person. We’re in!