Success! Miniature Horse JuJu’s Halter Training

Our little JuJu is not so little anymore, in fact, she’s almost the same height as her “aunt” LuLu! In just a few days she will be 3 months old and we’re so excited to have found success with her halter training. We’ve been working with her for weeks, just getting used to the feel of the halter around her face, feeling pressure with the lead line and generally getting used to the idea of us leading her where we want to go. It’s been fairly easy because she just wants to be with us and responds easily to pressure just from our hands and words.

Last night we captured some images of Mya doing the training and haltering JuJu up all by herself. JuJu is now getting used to the idea of turning her head the way we pull the catch lead, stopping and backing up. We are just so proud of her desire to learn and love how we can see the “big girl horse” she’s becoming as her foal coat continues to drop.  She’s truly a beautiful horse with a beautiful soul.