The Crazy Summer of 2020 @ Little Dickens Farm

Well, it’s been an interesting summer here at Little Dickens Farm and across the globe. Our summer started mid-March when the schools shut down, and we’ve been juggling this new schedule and life since. Despite all the unknowns, it’s been a wonderful season of continued learning, new friendships and growing our little family farm.

When we started this adventure, we had no idea what impact bringing these little horses into our lives would make. It’s hard work, it’s worry, it’s frustration…but it’s so much love and bonding, both between the horses and within our own family unit. The hard work and responsibility that comes with caring for and living with horses is a real gift in learning how to be a good human.

This summer also brought us new friendships and learning opportunities with Khylwood Training, Hidden Rock Farm and Running Horse Ridge. Mya has been able to experience a wide variety of riding techniques, approaches to horsemanship and strategies for training that make her a more well-rounded horse lover. She is gaining confidence in riding and handling big horses and continues to learn more about what she really wants for a future with horses. We feel very blessed to have encountered all of our new friends and encourage anyone in the Cedar Valley who is looking for a truly enriching experience for their children to explore the opportunities at these three farms!

As the summer winds down, the days get shorter & we get a little melancholy saying goodbye to the carefree days we had. But, each year we grow a little more, learn a little more, and that makes the next summer even more wonderful. We cherish the friendships made this summer and look forward to continuing our journey together here at Little Dickens Farm!