The groundhog was right – Early spring!

Little Dickens Farm March 2nd 2020

We enjoyed a glorious 53 degree day here at Little Dickens Farm, so we made the best of it! We did a barn clean out, training and spring grooming…JuJu even got her first braids! It’s amazing how much all of the littles have matured. The girls don’t blink an eye at halters and leading anymore…Mojo takes a bit more convincing, but Mya’s patience really makes a difference.

What I love the most about this journey is that these little souls REQUIRE us to be present. And they genuinely love us and each other. Every time we walk out the door they are there at the gate with sweet horsey noises and faces to remind us of what’s important.

As our children grow, it becomes more critical for them to understand that there is an enormous difference between being a leader and being a bully. These sweet horses show them how rewarding true leadership is. I can’t think of a better experience on a daily basis to teach our children how to approach life. Love. Patience. Trust.

We hope you all enjoyed today as much as we did, here’s to many more glorious days ahead!