What a gorgeous Summer night here at Little Dickens Farm!

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Things have settled nicely here after our whirlwind stallion and foal arrivals in the last few days. Miss Karma is growing up strong, nursing well and starting to take some runs away from mom. Although LuLu previously has kept JuJu well away from Karma, she now allows her in to be part of Karma’s “watch and protect team”. It’s so cool to see all the girls circle around her when MoJo gets a little too close, or when they go for a run. LuLu is trusting both Bella & JuJu more with Karma, and Bella protects Karma as if she were her own. When all of the girls are together, you can also see how truly tiny Karma is compared to JuJu, who is now almost 4 months old. The girls have resumed grooming each other and rolling together. We’re having so much fun spending time with them and just love that they trust us enough to share their babies with us.